Maven Meals delivers to your doorstep in specific zip codes throughout the Seattle-Metro area and the benefits are huge:

  1. It's Simple
  2. No Minimum Order
  3. Maximum Deliciousness

Receive your meal delivery at the office or at home. Just make sure there is a protected place out of the weather where we can leave your cooler full of tasty meals.
Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to secure buildings with no receptionist without an access code. If there is a code for us to input to get into the building, please add this to your Delivery Notes on your account and/or order

There is a $4.99 delivery fee on all orders. At Maven Meals we're big fans of sustainability and we do our best to make as few stops as possible when delivering your meals. When 3 or more people in one building or office have meals delivered we'll reward you by crediting the $4.99 delivery fee to your account for use the following week! Just shoot us an email at and let us know there is a group of you. 

Each area has a designated delivery day either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Deliveries arrive in corrugated boxes with ice packs & insulated liners between 9:00am-6pm. 

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