Nourished by Maven

Nourished by Maven

Nourished by Maven Meals

We are so pleased to present: Nourished by Maven Meals! A 6-week wellness-inspired journey created by our partnering dietitian, Liz Wyosnick MS, RDN to complement your devotion to weekly Maven Meals. This program has more of an enrichment vibe, instead of punishment, for your post-holiday spirit. Each week's handouts present a wellness focus perfectly curated to help you find your inner "Health Maven" and create habits and changes for good.

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Here’s what’s included:
Access to our Nourished by Maven YouTube videos designed as 5-minute "Wellness Shorts" and accompanying detailed PDF handouts to introduce and inspire your commitment to the weekly focus areas. Topics include:
  • Week 1: Adding in Vegetables (and how to make it not suck)
  • Week 2: Balanced Blood Sugar: Balanced Life
  • Week 3: Mindful Eating - The how, why, and when matters
  • Week 4: Un-processing Your Diet and Reading Nutrition Labels 
  • Week 5: Meaningful Movement 
  • Week 6: Releasing the Diet Mentality and "Staying on the wagon"
Additionally, get email access to Liz for questions about the Nourished content or program, or for individual guidance. 


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